Engineering Geology Ltd

Engineering Geology Ltd offers specialised seismic and earthquake studies. We provide assessments of seismic hazard, liquefaction potential, site and embankment response, seismic effects on slope stability,  estimates of effects of earthquake ground motion and fault displacement on various structures including bridges, tunnels and pipelines and damage estimates for insurance purposes.

Studies we have carried out include:

  • Active fault study for the Wairoa hydro-electric development, Bay of Plenty.
  • Seismic hazard study of the Wairoa North Fault for WaterCare Services dams in the Hunua Ranges
  • Seismic hazard studies for numerous projects including commercial buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines, mining projects, electrical substations and hydropower substations. Studies have been undertaken for numerous projects in New Zealand, as well as Australia, Indonesia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Laos and Bulgaria.
  • Assessment of ground motion response associated with level ground, slopes and embankments
  • Assessment of slope stability and deformations arising from earthquake ground motion
  • Assessment of liquefaction potential and peer review of liquefaction studies by other consultants for a range of projects including commercial buildings, water storage dams, tailings storage dams (including upstream construction), marina developments, power stations, bridges.  These studies have been undertaken for projects in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji.  We have worked in conjunction with international experts using state of the art analytical methods on some significant projects
  • Estimates of effects of fault displacement on tunnels and pipelines for projects in New Zealand and Philippines
  • Estimates of damage losses arising from earthquakes for insurers including a number of large hydro-electric power stations