Engineering Geology Ltd

A large proportion of projects undertaken by Engineering Geology Ltd relate to earth and rockfill embankment dams for water supply, irrigation, hydro power, flood detention and mining projects. We have carried out the investigation, design, preparation of drawings, specifications and contract documents, contract supervision and administration for over 40 water storage dams and ponds (8 to 35m in height) throughout New Zealand. For a number of these projects we have also undertaken dam break analyses. We have undertaken numerous feasibility and construction cost estimates for other dams to assist clients in determining the most cost effective design option for their dam.

EGL has particular expertise in the design, operation, monitoring and surveillance of tailings storage facilities and have been responsible for design of most of the large tailings dams in New Zealand. We have also been responsible for feasibility, design and review studies of tailings dams in Australia, Indonesia, Bulgaria,  Romania, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea and Congo. We have been responsible for the design of seven tailings dams in New Zealand and one in Australia, the largest capable of storing 43Mm3 and which is currently 160m high.  We have undertaken feasibility studies and reviews of many more tailings dams.

EGL has  undertaken a number of independent and peer reviews of dams and staff have also been part of Peer Review Panels for water storage dams in New Zealand and Australia.  We have investigated and reported on a number of dam failures and incidents for owners, insurers and consultants.

We have undertaken SEED and comprehensive dam safety evaluations, seismic assessments, safety and performance reviews for a large number of dams throughout New Zealand including large water storage dams that supply water to Auckland City and hydro-electric projects in the North and South Islands.

Projects have included:

  • Macraes Gold Project (1988-present). Investigation, feasibility studies, consenting, design, drawings, specifications, assistance with construction supervision and contract administration, monitoring and surveillance and safety reviews of four tailings storage dams (between 35-160m high and up to 43Mm3 storage)
  • Brooklands Irrigation Scheme, Kaiwaka (1993-present). Investigation, design, construction monitoring and on-going safety audits of 23m high earthfill irrigation dam (1.45Mm3 storage)
  • Webster Dam (1996-1998). Investigation of failure of 12m high earthfill dam built on deep alluvial infilled valley, recommendations for remediation and supervision of re-construction
  • Richmond Brook Water Storage Dam (2003-2005). Investigation, design, construction monitoring and contract administration for 25m high earth/rockfill irrigation dam (320,000m3 storage)
  • Te Awananga Hydro Electric Project, geotechnical investigations as part of feasibility study for a 25m high dam in the Chatham Islands
  • Mangatangi Dam - SEED study (2000)
  • Upper Mangatawhiri Dam - Comprehensive safety review (2007-2008)
  • Ohakuri Hydro Dam - Comprehensive safety review (2004-2005)
  • Performance parameter review studies - Waipapa, Pukaki, Atiamuri and Benmore dams (1999-2003)
  • Tillegra Water Storage Dam, NSW, member of International Peer Review Panel for 76m high (450Mm3 storage) concrete faced rockfill dam