Engineering Geology Ltd

Engineering Geology Ltd's capabilities include engineering geological investigations and assessments. Specialist geologists within the firm are able to carry out geological mapping for site surveys and land stability and fault studies, as well as logging of rock and soil cores, pits, shafts, tunnels, dam abutments and rock faces. A thorough understanding of the geology of a site is essential for comprehensive investigations and in developing appropriate design solutions. Development of a geological model based on the results of an engineering geological investigation is a key part of an engineering geological investigation. Engineering Geology has considerable experience having undertaken engineering geological studies for a variety of different project (large and small) throughout New Zealand.

These include:

  • Site specific studies for numerous individual house, commercial and industrial sites
  • Land development projects for residential housing
  • Numerous water storage dams throughout New Zealand
  • Tailings dams associated with gold mining projects 
  • Tunnels
  • SH1 Ngaruawahia Bypass
  • Development of digital geological model of New Zealand, for use in national earthquake loss model for use by insurers